Enjoy the daily walks
in the historic park

Colourful History

The more colourful era of Kadriorg started in 1718, when Peter I built a magnificent castle on the 70-hectare land on the coast of Tallinn. It was named after the ruler's wife Katarina I.

The Roman Baroque style castle was completed in the 18th century. The surrounding Versailles-ike garden with fountains, hedges and flowers have been restored to its former glory.

You still can sense the grand events this place has seen in the past.

Valued Resort Throughout The Time

The northern coast along Tallinn Bay has been a much loved place for relaxing for centuries. The sea breeze and green spaces feed the soul as well as the body. Today the park and many museums in the area offer various activities and entertainment to people of all ages.

Art Lover's Mecca

There are several important art funds here at Kadriorg, including KUMU, Kadriorg Art Museum and Mikkeli museum. Kadrioru Art Museum has the largest collection of Western Europe and Russian art in Estonia.

Fresh Air, Bright Mind

It is time to change the monotone and stuffy air into the fresh air training ground!

Park roads, stadium and tennis centre are just a few hundred metres from your new home. Feel how the motivation take you over every time you look outside your window!


Park Kadriorg is families' favourite for there are several large playgrounds.

It is also home to the kids' museum Miia-Milla-Manda and Luna Luna Kadriorg theme park.

Important Decisions

This is where some of the most important decisions for Estonia are made - in the President's offices. The negotiations here are always successful.

Close to City Centre

Residents of Kadriorg can easily leave their cars at home as everything you need is within walking distance - shops, cafes, restaurants, schools, offices, the sea, and the Old Town.
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